The Hosts

Nick Mirka

Nick loves to chat with folks and uncover what their passions are, encouraging people to go after their dreams. His high energy can usually be the butt of jokes. A long time resident of the Niagara region, Nick is passionate about his community and the craft beer industry that is growing here. A proud Father of two (third on the way), Nick definitely has a “Dad Joke” sense of humour to match his dad bod diet of IPAs. His family comes first but he always leaves time for a beer tasting or two.

BEER OF CHOICE: Porters & Nut Browns, but a sucker for seasonal.

Drew Williams

Likely the coolest of the three hosts, Drew is quick witted with a dry sense of humour. His social awareness is on pointe, but Drew also finds humour in things others may not which sends him into fits of laughter. Intuitive, Drew adds to conversation by wanting to know the history behind things. Plus he is always instigating breaking the rules, such as streaking down his own street. Another Niagara native, Drew has built his business and family in this unique area.

BEER OF CHOICE: Pale ales & lagers.

Chris Treschak

Despite being a larger than life character, Chris tends to take life a little more seriously than his co-hosts. A man of many talents, Chris is always the first one to try whatever experience life may present. He is a self proclaimed beer sommelier(yeah... we know). He loves meeting people, asking loads of questions and making awkward jokes. Like, really awkward jokes. He also has a few magic tricks including having wooden leg when it comes to beer consumption and disappearing & falling asleep in random areas before the night is over.

BEER OF CHOICE: Wheat beer & saissons.

The Team

Mark Rauwerda

Director of Photography

Krista Ashford


Joel Hannigan


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